[Get Seen Get Good] Week 4 - Share With Peers and Elders... Give Someone a Zebra Fix

 Get Seen Get Good!
It's week 4!
This week is all about those little affirmations. Those little "yes"s that inspire us to keep going. From peers, our support circle, and "elders", too.
In the videos on publishing, I mention reaching out to Mark Martin, whose simple, "I liked it, especially that one page" meant so much to me, and kept me going.
I hope Darlene Campbell (hi Darlene!) doesn't mind me sharing what she posted in the network:
I joined art groups, took online classes, etc which gave me the opportunity to learn skills, have meaningful conversations and build confidence through other artists who cheered my work and basically said “Keep Going We Want to See More.” If I didn’t show my work and interact with other artists I probably would’ve fizzled out.

...Instagram has been a huge confidence builder for me. I was so scared to post my work but now I have accomplished cartoonists I dearly admire following me on a regular basis and commenting in sincere ways. Artists such as...Tom Cheney...he tells me he’s addicted to my Zebra cartoons and when there is a lapse in my posting he tells me he needs his Zebra fix...
Yes! Please seek out these connections...
Seeking out those connections can be scary, I know, it is probably my biggest fear, too.
But most people aren't scary, and often the worst thing that happens when you reach out is silence.
But in the SAW support circle and other places, you can find confidence-building support, and from there, you can learn to seek more. We all need it.
Please have fun, share in the Mighty Network and anywhere else and tag us #getseengetgood ...



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