[Get Seen Get Good] Week 4 - A Resting Place

Get Seen Get Good Week 4!

It's week 4! Let's let the character rest...
You've shown us the world, the main character, another character and a larger force- that's enough! Let's all rest!
Of course it's not really a stop, it's a pause. And a safe place for more drama to emerge.
Look at the Steve Canyon panel above, how little Poteet is green with envy. That drama is brewing. It'll be there when we return to our desk.
But now, some old-fashioned fudge!
Another classic Steve Canyon, both of these mark the ends of the adventure, but are teeing up a new story. Likewise, "Daddy" Warbucks is forced to rest here, but his mind is on the next quest...
The rhythms of comic strips like these resemble the rhythms of our lives. Repetition, flux. Drama and rest. Every day a little bit old and new, struggle and relief.
Our project can be that. Our project can be life, writ large. Drawn large.
Our social media, social interaction, just a part of the story.
Have fun, share anywhere you want, and also in the Mighty Network...


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