[Get Seen Get Good] Week 3 - Binky Brown - The Sketches, and the Struggles that are Art

Get Seen Get Good!
Continuing week 3, I wanted to talk about Binky Brown, and the emergence of "Artists' Editions" and other books showcasing original art.
A decade or so ago, McSweeny's Publishing published a hardcover edition (below) of the classic underground autobiographical comic (above; and often cited as the first autobio comic, but it isn't exactly...) Binky Brown and the Holy Virgin Mary by Justin Green.
This comic was about the author's struggle with maintaining his pure thoughts in the face of puberty and his attraction to Holy Mary. It was all 100% Catholic Guilt and Fear and absolutely full of grim, gritty struggle.
The new edition was printed straight from the original art in way to show all of the struggle of the drawings.
Loads of white-out, eraser marks, re-drawn areas, etc. Every effort to get a line, shape or face right...
The struggle that WAS the struggle. The Struggle to get it down IS the art. Or can be.
Take your pick!
We can make this choice in our sharing. We can share the "clean version", or the more "human version." Both are good, both are valuable. The "clean version" may transcend our ordinary existence. The "human version" may validate it.
We need both in the world.
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