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Deadline extreme! 42 pages in one hour , the last hour of 2020. Give ourselves gifts in 2021.

The 1-Hour Coloring Book Like all of us, I need to get through the resistance some times. I over-think everything. I don't know my own voice. I'm adhering to someone else's standards. And I'm afraid of what everyone will think if I fail, and I know I will fail. One way out of this is to produce work, lots of work, and to damn the torpedoes as far as the critical voice goes. (We can use our critical voice later, when we need a dialogue about who we are, what our style is, what we want to say...) How to do this?  One way is deadlines. Work fast. One way is to work extremely fast.  Also, we have to remove the worry that what we do matters. Can we work with effort, and be care free and confident? I think so. One game I create as an exercise, was to color a whole coloring book in 1 hour. Coloring books don't matter! You can't fail at coloring! (I know, you're all saying "I can!" but really, just roll with this one, ok?) So, I did this exercise on New Ye

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