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On making an album, on trust and beginner's mind

Hi everyone! This is a long post about a creative project I was lucky enough to have gifted to me. Disclaimer for my Deaf and other friends. This project is largely about music and sound, but I think the lessons are universal, and the details below are largely about decisions and trust.  ❤️  Additionally, I would be happy to write in detail a description of any track if it helps understanding. On March 17, 2023, I did something I've always wanted to do, but never ever ever have:  sit down to record a song.  If you've ever loved an art form, you know what a plunge it is to engage in it.  I've loved songs my entire 50+ years, but have never ever tried to make them, not even a little. They just seemed magic and best left to the experts, kind of like football or mountain climbing. I'm just glad people are out there doing it; I knew  I'll never be one of them , and it's ok. (I did start trying to learn the piano, via app, basically from ZERO, around September of last

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