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How to write the world's worst song in just two weeks!

How to write the world's worst song in just two weeks! INTRODUCTION Ok I signed up for this songwriting cohort with led by these youtubers I quite like (in case you think any of the below is on them, it's not!) 4 Prompts in 8 weeks, which as some of you may know is about 8 times slower than I usually work, 3 days being a comfortable pace, 1 week being WAY too long, and 1 day being an often generative goal. So PROMPT 1 was come up with a WRITABLE IDEA, which according to the prompt is THUS: A concept + a title + a song map. And I NEVER make songs this way. I told my friend Timothy today that my method was: Improv + outline  + improv + get squashed by limitations + squirrel my way to a solution.  I quite like that method! I hate ideas! :) But I like to play the good student, so I went with it... PART I My "writable idea" was: A song by an astronaut to their lover on Earth, called BONEY LANDMARKS and the songmap , was .. well, ambiguous... I thought it would be good it

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