Get Seen Get Good!
It's week 3!
Let's continue to enlarge our world by introducing larger forces to our 2 or more characters. (This works for autobio and non-fiction too!)
I remember asking Steve Weissman who made the amazing Yikes! series of comics (and does tons of stuff now too) how he managed to write so many great stories and he said "oh I just always add a new threat and have lots of shifting alliances."
That summary of story-generation was revelatory to me.
And I never got good at the "shifting alliances" that he was so good at (his characters were all kids so they were constantly switching sides...) but I learned about introducing threats.
Here's a few strips when the corporate forces were starting to create "Rebelville" in Hutch's junkyard...
I'm working on this stuff now too with "B. and Fang". You'll see my attempts to do these same exercises NOW and other examples in the Mighty Network...

PS - as a reminder, if you are in the course, you can find my in-depth publishing videos here if you are in a hurry:


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