[Get Seen Get Good] Week 4 - It's Ok to Take 15 Years to Get Good.

Get Seen Get Good!

For week 4 of Get Seen Get Good, I wanted to share this image with you. These are drawings of mine, self-representations from 1991-2011.
The main reason I am showing you this, is because it took me arguably 15 years to "Get Good." I was starting to get there around 2003, but it's not til 2006 I can comfortably say I was pretty good.
15 years!
Those whole 15 years, I was concentrating on Making, and GETTING SEEN.
And let's not get into all the horrible stumbles I made. Tons of them, lousy works, lousy pitches, but all the while, I made some pretty good stuff too, fun, and eventually I got more consistent and reliable.
To be honest, I was happy with who I was creatively then, but I was limited and frustrated. I'm happier now and I have a greater vision. And I have years of experience, writing, drawing, and being seen to anchor me.
This course is for you to get there too.
Share where you're at in the Network, and anywhere else you're finding to be comfortable and exciting.
No more emails. I'm busy with my project! Let's get busy!
Share with me, tag me, go find me in the real world or you can always find me in the network!


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