[Get Seen Get Good] Week 3 - Show Sketches and What You Don't Know

Get Seen Get Good
Still week 3. Let's share sketches, notes, and the things We Do Not Know...
It's ok to say, "I don't know what's going on, I'm trying to manifest this stuff, I'm trying to grow this seed." In fact, often people love that stuff the best!
Let yourself not know what you are doing. Show sketches, notes, thoughts.
My former student Maddie says, "The work wants to get made through you."
I believe this. Let us watch it happen...
I'm working on this stuff now too with "B. and Fang". You'll see my attempts to do these same exercises NOW and other examples in the Mighty Network at https://members.sawcomics.org/

PS- Plug for one of my favorites, Austin Kleon, author of . -->
He's super good at this stuff!


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