Get Seen Get Good

My new course is called "Get Seen Get Good."


I realized recently that I am very fortunate to have spent 30 years being constantly creative. I've never had my fire out. I haven't always reached people, or hit constant highs, but I've always been engaged and it's always served me, and I count myself lucky and blessed.

I realized how it went was this:

In my 20s I was focused on GET SEEN.

In my 30s, it was (finally) GET GOOD.

In my 40s, it was MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN (I created a school I'm proud of, and made a book I am proud of, but wish I didn't have to make)

On turning 50, I think the next step is SPREAD THE WORD. What is the word? I don't know yet. The gospel of GET SEEN and GET GOOD maybe. Well, that's what I'm taking it to mean.

GET SEEN GET GOOD is a 4-week course designed to give you some steps in not worrying about getting good first, about showing your work (hello St. Austin Kleon) about saying HELLO, THIS IS WHO I AM, THIS IS WHAT I MAKE, and finding like-minded people. Not strangers, not "the general public", but future friends. Your tribe.

This is what I did, and I'll explain more in a future posts.

Hope to see you there!


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