Get Seen Get Good - A little history with my character

  A Get Seen Get Good History!
When I invented my first real character, he was scribbled in the corner of a notebook.
He'd been wanting to emerge a long time, I think, starting out as a ratty version of myself.
And then finally, when he was his own person and I put him in his first story, he looked like this.
The point being? I never knew what I was doing! I just kept going. And I certainly wasn't "GOOD."
I kept going deeper and farther, trying to learn and trying to let these characters and stories emerge.
  • Sometimes it took force.
  • Sometimes it took patience.
  • Sometimes it took support.
  • Sometimes it took tools.
Support like people doing the same thing as me.
Tools, like reading about story structure, or going back to drawing classes...
But being seen was so important. Attention is consciousness. Attention is love, attention is a force. Pay attention to other work, attract attention to you own, let that force work through you in your next steps.
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