[Get Seen Get Good] Week 2 - #TurtleUpdate!

  Get Seen Get Good!
It's week 2!
Let's get our work out there more.
I remember Aidan Koch, who LOVES Instagram and LOVED Tumblr came to SAW and showed her deep, deep interest in #hashtags. At the time I didn't get it. She and her housemates had a pet cat named Turtle, and they would post with the hastag #turtleupdate all the time.
She delighted in the fact that if you searched for #turtleupdate you might wind up with HER CAT, just for fun, injecting these little glimpses of their cat life into the small stream of people following looking for turtles .

Our goals are a little less silly, we want to BE SEEN.
Here's what we will do this week. Super simple --->
  • Investigate hashtags.
  • Invent hashtags
In my history examples, I've been showing you comics from my 2005-2007 Hutch Owen strips.
Some good hashtags to investigate might be #economiccrisis, #economy, #socialjustice, #fightthesystem #immigration #occupy and sure, #comics, #comicstrips, #artistsofinstagram etc. But we want to be seen by people interested in our topics, not just our medium.
But we could get more specific too. Here's a old cooky one of mine.
I did it before Instagram existed and before I understood hashtags, but today I would include #taxrelief #deathtax #taxes and certainly #grovernorquist (my old nemesis) and I dunno, I'd research a few too. Would I get more followers? I might. 1 or 2. The important thing is getting enmeshed in the culture a little more. 
And then we should INVENT a hashtag or two, maybe for the strip above #nodiapertax ("No Diaper Tax".)
I use #bisdying on my "B is Dying" strips. I'm pretty sure no one else is using it. That's just one way of narrowing my own focus inside my own stream.
Have fun! POST YOUR WORK with the #getseengetgood ! I'll find you there, thanks!
What are we doing here? This will allow people to follow the hashtag, for us to focus our own work, and people's attention in the way we want, and also include ourselves in the tapestry of the culture.
These entries are part of the Get Seen Get Good online course. Come join me!
You'll see my attempts to do these same exercises NOW and other examples in the Mighty Network...
Tom #NotGoingItAlone


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