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How To Say Everything
Tom Hart's 200-page treatise on coming up with ideas, on working from your personal obsessions and images and ideas to create meaningful comics. Full of essays and more than 50 exercises. This book is IN PROGRESS (about  90%-95% finished.)

Buy the hardcopy here in progress here:

Other publications etc from Sequential Artists Workshop:

Seriously Comics
A lo-fi, lo-brow homage to I LIKE COMICS (1994 zine by Peter Bagge) and love letter to NYC comic scene.
Stephanie Mannheim and Tom Hart edited this newspaper which features interviews with Dash Shaw, Gary Panter and Keith Mayerson, a fumetti staring Jason Little and Stacey Nightmare, various articles and other goodies. 20 pages, black and white newsprint.Download the free pdf.

A tabloid newspaper full of single-page comics by Tom Hart's students.
16 pages, features great work by Hilary Allison, Alexander Rothman, Stephanie Mannheim, Maria Sputnik, The Illustrious Alabaster and more. Download the free pdf.
To order by mail: ISRA and SERIOUSLY COMICS together: $4.00

Saw Comic Strip Guide
SAW Strip Book CoverThis is the book you need if you have any interest in making good comic strips.

A 83-page book on the comic strip from "What size do I draw?" to conceiving ideas to drawing and inking and coloring.

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