Book release

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much to everyone who has read or supported the book so far.

It is utterly strange and frankly somewhat horrible to keep referring to Rosalie Lightning as a book, and not my daughter, but it is what it is.

The book has gotten some kind and generous reactions, for which I am grateful. A partial list is below.

The wonderful people at Wild Iris hosted a book release signing at which I got to see many of my friends from Gainesville, thank you all. An image from that is posted here.

Thanks again.

"This is a gut-wrenching account of a young family who must find some way to keep going. "
Mental Floss review

"...tremendous...What catapults this graphic novel into greatness... is its honesty. "
Publishers Weekly starred review 

"...watching his pen and his brush gradually feel out the contours of his loss is inspiring."
The Globe and Mail review

"He constructs the narrative arc so well, brings you so close to his tragedy, that I believe many copies of this book are going to end up salty and warped with tears." 
Paris Review review

Miami Herald capsule review
Boston Globe capsule reviewGoodReads.com Reviews

Publishers Weekly profile (paywall)
Publishers Weekly podcast interview
Paste Magazine interview
Huffington Post interview
Comics Alternative podcast interview
NY MAg / Vulture Magazine interview
January 2016 Indie Next pick, a Winter 2016 Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers pick and THREE starred reviews: “Using stories from popular culture, mythology, and folklore as metaphors for his own experiences, Hart takes an extremely personal experience of loss and grief and makes it universal. Incredibly moving, and stunningly executed.” — Booklist, starred review
“The death of a child is one of the heaviest subjects imaginable, and to capture that devastation in a very cartoony style, as Hart does here, is no small feat. Beautiful and gut-wrenching…a gift to every reader and to anyone who has grieved.”
— Library Journal, starred review

“ROSALIE LIGHTNING is a masterpiece—and a luminous tribute to a brief, beautiful life.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review


Book trailer

First trailer for my book, shipping in Jan 2016. Pre orders now available...


When Molly Rose Turned Two - The Haunted Tesseract

Molly Rose turned two last week, an age Rosalie never made it to. She surpassed Rosalie in age 3 weeks prior. 23 months and 11 days.

For months prior we watched every day pass, wondering what would happen. We do this every day anyway, but it reached a higher pitch as we approached that day. Molly Rose kept getting older. Funnier. Happier. Bigger.

We knew something would have to give, because that's what happened last time.

The stage was being set. Things were happening that had happened before.

Leela and I moved house. A major move, we're calling this one permanent, like we did in 2011 with Rosalie. This was unexpected. We thought we were just moving to save money, and found ourselves looking, and then buying, a house. So the big move. It's there in my book.


And I was also setting up the school. This time expanding: scouting for locations, getting ready to move in. Just like that other time.

I went away for a comic convention- I do this at most once a year, but in this case, it was just a month or two before Rosalie, and the same number of months before Molly Rose was about to hit that age.

All these echoes. What the heck was going on?

Our cat became sick. Our cat Oskar who outlasted Rosalie by 14 years, who I was sometimes so angry at for being alive at all. Her health declined so quickly it looked like her last day might be that day we had our eye on.

As Molly Rose continued banging around the house, eating mac and cheese, naming things, helping and demanding things, as she began to approach THAT AGE, I began to wonder when it was all going to happen. When we'd lose her too.

I started to see it as if the universe wanted a sacrifice, and I began thinking I should just take Oskar to the nearest volcano and throw her in to appease the gods and peacefully move through this time.

And then the day came. Leela and I stayed low. A friend brought us lunch. And then it was over.

Oskar was still alive, but the time had come. We set an appointment with the vet to let her go. That was a Thursday, the appointment was for Monday.

On Friday our good friend hung himself. A friend in the book. A friend who saved us when our hearts were ripped out. And then Monday, and Oskar's final vet visit.  So much for sacrifices.

And then Molly Rose turned two. We had a party and ate cake. Thank you for being here, sweetheart.

And now we're in a sort of haunted tesseract, like we've folded time. I'm setting up a new school, we're setting up a new house, we've got a two-year old girl running around being cooky and learning and naming and seeing and describing and asking. And she's getting older, and we're biking every day and I've got a book coming out about the sister she'll never meet. Who got folded away into the past that's becoming more and more distant.

Is Rosalie an echo of Molly Rose? Is Molly Rose an echo of Rosalie?


I wish everyone health and grace and love.


3 1/2 years and a book later.

On finishing the book 

It's been 3 1/2 years, somehow, and a book later now. I'm finishing the book I started either the moment it happened (notes and desperate scratching) or April 2012 (drawing).

A few weeks ago, when I first handed the finished draft in, I found myself doing odd things. Immediately, with no prior forethought, I changed the image on my laptop's startup screen. From a grim one to an almost serene one. I never thought I would need to lose the grim one, but more importantly, I thought if I were to change it, it would be later- eventually. Instead, it was near immediate; I was stricken to do it.

And then my bike went down streets I hadn't been on since with Rosalie. Just a little bit, but I hadn't expected that so suddenly either. Down to the grocery store from the north, parking locking up on the north rack, instead of the south, the only one I've used for 3 1/2 years. These sudden changes.

And I told my friend John that I wanted to work on the book forever, I didn't want it to be done, but when I finished, instantly I felt relieved. There were and are still minor edits of course, but I think I am eager to say it is behind me.

I've said the book was an attempt to re-live the 5 weeks after the event. The 5 weeks which had a mythic, healing quality. 5 weeks which were raw and horrible, but a time when the signs of future healing were almost battering me.

3 1/2 years to relive 5 weeks.

In those years, the attempt to relive was largely through the act of drawing and writing, in that order. The writing was the organizing principle, but the drawing was the reliving. Relive the pain and the rawness, the fear. But also the help, the nourishment, the stories. The avocados, the borrowed cars, the phone calls, the butterflies, the beaches,

If I was to serve the story the best way, I would spend another 3 1/2 years and make every drawing right. Fully inhabit each drawing so completely that the energetic force of the drawing matches the force of the emotion first lived. But since my skills are what they are, the book is what it is.

An interviewer asked me if certain drawings stood out. I'm not sure if I'm remembering his question right, or what his exact purpose was in asking, but I called out this image to the right. I feel like thin wood in this panel, as if I might break apart any moment. This one is right.

And interestingly, it might never have happened had my friend Sascha (hi Sascha) sent me a picture of a mummy in a different exchange. That mummy, a propped husk, felt like me.

In scrolling through the book, I managed to find a total of nine that aren't bad. (Posted on Tumblr.)

Molly Rose

Darling Molly Rose, Rosalie's younger sister arrived 20 months ago, 21 months after we said goodbye to Rosalie. She's the age now Rosalie was when we moved from New York to Gainesville. All these symmetries.

In July she'll be older than Rosalie ever was.

All these weird dualities.

I've been a parent for 6 years but of no child older than 2. I have one daughter and I have two. I will have one baby and no baby soon, as Molly Rose becomes a little girl.

I remember Rosalie and I can't remember Rosalie. Or I can't remember her with the same force I once did. Her sister is the force on this plane, and this is the plane I'm confronted with, day after day. My memories of Rosalie are resettling into the ethereal plane, the plane of spirit. She is here but she's not here.

I told the same interviewer I had a responsibility to Rosalie's memory, to make this book the best it can be. And a responsibility to myself to do what seemed right to heal. (Healing- talking with Leela about this. We seem to agree it just means returning to some functionality.) Did I have a responsibility to readers too? I know that the points and events I held back from telling were for my own well-being, and I don't think they serve Rosalie's memory either.

I hope this journey, this reliving, will honor her memory. I hope she will see it -from whatever vantage point- as a way of becoming close to her -wherever she is- again.

On Finishing the Book

May 12, 2015

Dear Friends,

In the last days of March, I handed in the completed Rosalie book to my editors at St. Martins Press.

That day, utterly to my surprise, things began changing. First, I took the start-up photo (left) on my computer and changed it. I've stared at this grim photo every day for 3+ years, and suddenly it felt wrong to me to look at it. I changed it to the one right, taken at SAW on a nice evening during an art show a year ago. Had no plan on that.

And then, my bike took a turn down a street I biked with Rosalie every day, and hadn't been down since. I didn't expect to do this. The bike just went. It knew relief was down that bush-lined street.

And then it felt good to be finished. I once told my friend John that I didn't want to finish the book, I wanted to work on it forever, but when I was done, I realized I was wrong.

And then I found myself buying a house in the old neighborhood where we had Rosalie here for 3 months. I swear to you, this was an utter shock. In an effort to reduce expenses, we were looking at new rentals, and Leela found a place we might be able to buy if some crazy bank might give us a loan. Go figure.

And suddenly SAW is moving to a grander new space. Scraping, painting and new walls. And our main teacher Justine is undergoing (positive) life-changing times.

All this while Molly Rose is the age Rosalie was when we moved down here, and approaches the age Rosalie was when she left.

Symmetries. Bisecting. Closings and openings.

The book is the best I can make it, and it's true, I've learned to live with certain drawings that aren't what I imagined. Sometimes I have to let the weird flaws be part of the experience. Mostly, though, it's strong and I stand by it.

It tells the story of how remarkably splendid Rosalie was, I hope. So fiery and fun. Crazy sense of humor.

And it tells the story of suffering through her loss, and of learning to look for the clues on how to be welcomed back.

It's all true except I moved the crying fit on page 139 pictured left, in reality happened in the times depicted in the pages in the 90s.

Below, some drawings that I think hit the mark. Weirdly, mostly images of characters facing front.  (My improv teacher jokingly called me "Stage Picture" because I would accidentally turn my back to the audience, but in drawing, I'm all straight on. )

More images and details at my Tumblr: http://rosalielightning.tumblr.com/. Sketches, images in progress there too.

Actually, maybe I was correct when I told my John I wanted to keep working on the book. My next plan is to detail some of the process, and then write a book about graphic memoir. As far as I know no decent one exists.

This way I can keep the themes alive, revisit scenes and relive experiences by reliving the decisions that led to them. By writing about memoir in general, I can examine the tribe I find myself in, maybe offering and outsider's perspective. I never thought I would write a memoir.

But this experience uprooted all my prejudices about comics-making. In this book, I referred to other media (movies, songs, etc.),  I referred to drawing the book itself- drawing the drawing, I referred to my old work, I referred to other comics, I quoted song lyrics, I referred to horror comics, I referred to tools that make art, and I referred to the book as a book. All of these forms of content  I thought were grubby, desperate acts; real artists make pure books to be carried on the wind and to last for eternity.

As I said, this experience made me question everything about art. Or rather, I've always constantly questioned all aspects of art. This experience returned and continues to return new answers.

The book will be out January 2016. I hope Rosalie's spirit will be alive for you then, as it has been for me since I saw her gregarious little face in December, 2009.


RL Book 2

Dear friends,

It's been a few months since posting, or writing. 

I've posted a new chapter of my book here: http://www.tomhart.net/rosalie.html .

If you feel like commenting, please feel free to do so here.

Thanks for reading


We say "I miss her" like other couples say " I love you."


1 Year

Dear friends,

I can barely stand to type the words Rosalie has been gone a year but I just did, because it is true, and I want to thank everyone for their attention and love for us in this time. 

We don't like our new situation any more than we did then, and we aren't in any less chronic pain but the damaging acute and initial lacerations seem to have healed. We don't know why we have been chosen to live this life, or certainly if even those are those words to use for where we are and what we are doing. There's a lot we don't know. 

Since April, I have been working hard on drawing this story, trying to tell the world about this incredible girl, and about our search for the meaning of losing her. Since I've spent most of my life drawing stories with ink on paper, that's what I'm doing; taking this practice or tactic and turning it to these events which need understanding.

Leela has taken a different route, one I can't and don't understand exactly, but I do know that her recent drawings of lone men and women climbing over heaps of corpses must have something to do with her own methods of processing. I've taken to drawing Rosalie and Leela and myself, Leela has taken to drawing corpses and ashes and women possessed and haunted by dybbuks. 

I can't thank enough- I can't tell you what you, our friends have meant to us in this time, especially to you in Gainesville who have welcomed us so much, and have awed and graced us with your creativity, intelligence and warmth. 
To those of you outside of our immediate reach, cartoonists around  the world, or friends and family from New York to Seattle, I thank you for your touches from afar, and your generosity, and spirit which touches us here in our cocoon full of owls, moss, spiders and cartooning students. 

To the people I don't know, almost 30,000 of you read the first chapter of my book ( link here ), -our book, the book Rosalie must have wanted me to make, or else why would this have turned out this way? - to you people, I thank you gratefully. I know this will seem redundant, but that girl Rosalie, was so amazing, so funny and amazing, I wish you could know. I hope this book, as it progresses, does something to convey what can't be conveyed in these embarrassing keystrokes. 

I am doing my best to honor her, and again, to find the meaning in all of this. The task of finding meaning is oddly easier than that of honoring, as I struggle to make every drawing a gift to her, to you, and to those who have given me such inspiration on this plane. It is not something I succeed at, as my laziness and lack of discipline cause me to fall short time and time again. I am grateful for your patience and attention.

I will be posting new pages here soon and as often as I can. I thank you in advance for looking our way.

I found a text document today, of names we were thinking of before she was born. We always knew she would be Rosalie Lightning, but just to be sure, we tried out others: 

Rosalie Lightning
Veronica Lightning
Amelia Lightning
Cleo Lightning
Sadie Lightning
Pearl Lightning
Lola Lightning
Lucia Lightning

Yet we knew she would be Rosalie. We heard it in a song by Brian Eno. When she was an infant, when she was already Rosalie,  I listened to it over and over again, trying to understand what this song was really about, what  this song that revealed her name was really about.

And eventually I caught on: it is a song about being comforted by darkness.

Rosalie, I've been waiting all evening
possibly years I don't know
counting the passing hours
everything merges with the night

I stand on the beach
giving out descriptions
different for everyone I see
since I just can't remember
longer than last september

under the volcano
floats like a cushion on the sea
yet I can never see him
everything ponders in the night

we've been talking all summer
picking the straw from our clothes
see how the breeze has softened
everything pauses in the night


Lettering Woes

Frustrated with my lack of consistency fitting my lettering in the panel (see bottom left) I took those same letters (note the Q, and the "M' in "my" etc, and made a font, thanks to yourfonts.com. I shouldn't be surprised that I like the results- that's what I wanted. But I like them SO MUCH BETTER. 

Stupid computer, stupid fingers. Stupid brain.


The Four Passions, Oct 15, 2012

Hi everyone,

Thanks for listening. It was a crazy show. Mostly buttressed by an amazing album loaned to my by Shaenah at the Citizen's Co-Op. Thanks Shaenah!


Here's the podcast

Here's the playlist:

Gang Do TagarelaMelo Da TagarelaBlack Rio Brazil Soul Power 1971-1980Strut
OrlandivoOnde Anda O Meu AmorBlack Rio Brazil Soul Power 1971-1980Strut
I Refuse LimitationGoodie MobStill Standing
Count BasieThe New Basie BluesThe CountVerve
John CaleI Wanna Talk 2 UShifty Adventures in Nookie WoodDomino
MagnoliaZeki MurenTurkish Film MusicDegisti.com
Talk Break
Paul MelanconFooled Around And Fell In LoveLiveyoutube.com
Antonio Carlos E JocafiKabaluereBlack Rio Brazil Soul Power 1971-1980Strut
Serkalem WerkuWedajaDiretube.comEthiopian
The RaveonettesThe EnemyObservatorVice
Archer PrewittWithout YouWildernessThrill Jockey
Talk Break
Orquestra E CoroKriolaBlack Rio Brazil Soul Power 1971-1980Strut
Arthur ConleyOb-La-Di Ob-La DaDelete the Beatles
Raymond Byron And the white freighterYou'll Never Surf AgainLittle death shakerAsthmatic Kitty
The CannanesTake Me to the Hotel JohannaA Love Affair With Nature
Wendy ReneAfter Laughter
Talk Break
Cat PowerHuman BeingSunMatador
SebadohKathSebadoh III
SebadohThe Freed PigSebadoh III
Dinosaur Jr.Pierce The Morning RainI Bet on Skyjagjaguwar
The Sea and CakeSporting LifetheFawnThrill Jockey
Talk Break
Sezen AksuOn AyDeniz YildiziDogon Music
Sezen AksuHala Haber Bekliyorum SendenDeniz YildiziDogon Music
Staff Benda BililiLibala Yah MungwaBouger Le MondeCrammed Discs
Os MutantesAve Genghis KhanOs Mutantes
Gerson King ComboUma ChanceBlack Rio Brazil Soul Power 1971-1980Strut
Talk Break
Hedwig and the Angry InchTear Me DownHedwig and the Angry Inch
EelsPrizefighterEl Loco Mucho


The Four Passions, Oct 8 , 2012

I did a radio show Oct 8, my birthday, but didn't indulge in playing any Gabriel-era Genesis, though I wanted to.
podcast here

Played some more Turkish music, including this singer I didn't know: Sevim Şengül


Then some Moroccan Berber music. It might not be Berber, you can read more here:


Then a new song by the supposed winner of Ethiopian Idol:


The Mountain GoatsThe Last Day of Jimi Hendrix's LifeCool Beans
Count BasieParadise SquatThe CountVerve
BeirutNantesThe Flying Club Cup
Talk Break
My Bloody ValentineOnly ShallowLoveless
Popol VuhAguirre 1Aguirre The Wrath of God
Dick HymanFly Me To The MoonElectrodynamicsCommand
Galaxie 500Leave The PlanetOn Fire
Talk Break
Temesgen TafesseNew Singlediretube.com
Dirty FistAngry Bikerbandcamp.com
Flying LotusElectric CandymanUntil The Quiet ComesWarp
Halllo DaweTrack 1Awesome Tapes From Africa
Sevim SengulEllerim Boyle Bos Mu KalacaktiTurkish Film MusicTurkish
Talk Break
Sezen AksuYol ArkadsimDeniz YildiziDogon Music
Rais Mohamed Ben BiakCaid MokhtarExcavated Shellac
The Selah SingersThe Wicked RaceExcavated ShellacExcavated Shellac
Rowland S. HowardDead RadioTeenage Snuff Film
Talk Break
The Sea and CakeThe InvitationsRunnerThrill Jockey
The RaveonettesYoung and ColdObservator
The CallersHeroesReviver
CanDeadly DorisThe Lost TapesMute
Talk Break
Robert JohnsonHellhound on my Trail
Dinosaur Jr.Watch the CornersI Bet on SkyJagjaguwar
Caetano VelosoLost in the ParadiseCaetano Veloso
Ike and Tina TurnerCome TogetherDelete the Beatles
Talk Break
Staff Benda BililiBilangaBouger Le MondeCrammed Discs
Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos JobimIf You Never Come to MeAt LastReprise
Blind BartimaeusOh HezekiahGospel Songs of God and Death
Hermanos CalderonEl Neuvo QuerrequeHuapango

It was a bit chaotic, with fielding phone calls, a cd that wouldn't play and visitors in the studio.

Thanks for listening.


Garo Secret Prison piece, progress notes

Secret Prison's Garo Tribute came out, and looks great.

Garo was my main source of mind-blowing inspiration from ages 21-25 (Plus my friends in Seattle: Jon Lewis, James Sturm, Dave Lasky, Megan Kelso, Jason Lutes, Ed Brubaker. )

Garo was something we found at the local Kinokinuya in Seattle. Mind-blowing. There was nothing like Garo. RAW was the closest thing. Weirdo, Arcade and other were too steeped in counter culture, and more specifically, a certain iconoclasm. Garo, maybe only cause we couldn't contextualise it, seemed full of original stories that were personal dreams and visions.

When I heard about SP7, I went to my shelf, and pulled this issue, because I just liked the silly drawing and always wanted to sit down with it, and try to decipher some of the cartooning in it. I thought maybe of recreating it, adding my own story and words to the drawings.

I looked and had fun, but instead, kept flipping around

And landed on this story, whose imagery grabbed me and it also looked like a style I could emulate. I never second guessed it, just started in. The images of the old man wandering (love that archetype), meditating on some youthful story, but of course, the loss, the sudden disappearance of the girl in the story resonated for obvious reasons.  

I started playing around with text.

But it wasn't til I got to the middle of the story that I realized I had nothing to say in a lot of these boxes or balloons. And the silence I was confronted with made this whole thing seem like an idea steeped in empty vanity. But the silence started speaking, and I realized the story had become unlocked. The emptinesses were echoes. 

The text from the characters were deeper than words, they were messages from a deeper self, from a longer story. 
This is the first anthology piece I've ever been happy with. 

SP7 can be bought here:

RL Book 1, digital

Dear friends, here's a link to book 1 of my book in progress. Thanks.


The Four Passions, Oct 1, 2012

Music to Stay Alive By.

Here's the podcast. More great Turkish film music, including the below:

From the Turkish Film Music Site

The amazing What English Sounds Like:

New Sea and Cake. Some Florida Funk and Gospel. Some bands I  hadn't heard yet and will play again. Some real Heavy Slow Sludgy Metal from my friend, Kenny, and Cavalry. Some music so lovely I couldn't do anything but just sit and let things end.

Podcast here 


Secos and MolhadosAmorBrazil 1970Soul Jazz
Selda BagcanCemberimde Gul OyaTurkish Film MusicTurkish
SEA AND CAKEOn and OnRunnerThrill Jockey
Talk Break
Rowland S. HowardAutoluminescentTeenage Snuff Film
Grizzly BearSleeping UteShields
Talk Break
Don't Let The Devil RideSonny TreadwayThe Best of Sacred SteelArhoolie
The UniversalsNew GenerationFlorida FunkJazzman
Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea island SingersDaniel in the Lion's DenShall We Gather at the RiverFlorida State Archives
Pearly QueenQuit Jive'inFlorida FunkJazzman
R.E.M.Driver 8 (Live)Document RereleaseEMI
Nancy SitFeverGirls in the GarageRomulan
Talk BreaK
Staff Benda BililiKuluna/GangsBouger Le MondeCrammed Discs
CallersReviverReviverPartisan Records
The McNeil ChoirBabylon's Fallen78sBap-tizum.com Blog
Talk Break
Sezen AksuDeniz YildiziDeniz YildiziDogon Music
SEA AND CAKEHarpsRunnerThrill Jockey
David Byrne & St. VincentLazarusLove This Giant4AD
13th Floor ElevatorsBaby BlueEaster Everywhere
Talk Break
Tim BuckleyDolphinsSerafonia
Mike CoykendallWe All Gotta GoChasing Away The DotsFluff and Gravy
Nelson Alexander TrioWell, Well BabySpecialty Legends of Jump BluesFantasy
Archer PrewittGo AwayWildernessThrill Jockey
The BoswelliansCloud DancingHello HandsPocket
Talk Break
Mark EitzelKathleen (Live)Live
The RaveonettesYoung and ColdObservatorVice
The XXAngelsCoexistYoung Turks


Hutch Owen Let's Get Furious coming from Top Shelf at SPX


Let's Get Furious

I spent 5 years on these strips, running them daily in Boston and New York, expanding greatly the Hutch world and environs. See! Hutch's new country in a junkyard! See! The first appearances of Nora, as she slugs her way into the strip. See! A full-length story in which Dennis Worner decides to go down into the streets where the poor live. 

Despite the crude drawings, which really took off by the end of this arc, this is a story I take a lot of pride in. Real Mitt Romney type stuff. You can read a lot more about that story here.

Some other highlights. The creation of Rebelville, which Dennis sets up in Hutch's Junkyard, the appearance of The Rockabilly Kid, Image advisor to Trashistan, and The Unpajamable Snowman, who eats, grows and morphs into a monster who sits on Congress.

Some more samples.


The Four Passions, Sept 24, 2012

The Four Passions, Sept 23, 2012 This set got a little sadder, probably I hadn't seen Leela in a few weeks, and of course, Rosalie in almost a year. Some story songs led us off: Lou Reed's Street Hassle and then a Turkish torch song which must be sad, by Sezen Aksu, my new favorite. I had never found a compatible groove with her, but I'm starting to catch on .

Then we played some Turkish film music, certainly with a story, this one a little silly, from the clip below.
Link here to the Turkish Film Music site Leela and I frequent.

Then more from the Amazing, Sleepy, Sludgy, Dreamy, Drifty Ethiopian Jazz Musician Getachew Mekurya, catch more of that one here.

Two songs by Ron Rege + Lavender Diamond, then some Carter Family, below (They might not be on the playlist cause I forgot them, but they were before or after Karen Dalton.)

I can't remember what else I played. Half the time I'm just barely holding on. I call this Music To Stay Alive By.

Playlist below. Podcast here. 

Lou ReedStreet HassleBetween Thought and Expression
Sezen AksuGuvercinDeniz YildiziTurkish
Ask AlfabesiYsimTurkish Film Music
Talk Break
The RaveonettesObservations
Lavender DiamondLike An ArrowImagine Our Love
Poor MoonHolidayPoor MoonSub Pop
Talk Break
Getatchew MekuryaTrack 2UnknownAwesome Tapes From Africa Blog
Latin PlayboysCrayon SunLatin PlayboysSlash
Lavender DiamondOh My Beautiful WorldIncorruptible Heart
Karen DaltonOther Side to this Life1966
Cat PowerAlways On My OwnSunMatador
Talk Break
EMAThe Grey ShipSound Cloud
Brain FV-2sleep roughgrave mistake
Levekcanterbury bellsLook A Little CloserLefse
Heavenly Gospel SingersI'm a Pilgrim and a StrangerBap-tizum.com Blog
Shintaro SakamotoHow to Live With a PhantomHow To Live With A PhantomOther
Wendy ReneAfter LaughterStaxStax
Mazzy StarHalahShe Hangs Brightly
Talk Break
SmokeAwakeHeaven on a Popsiclestick
SmokeFreak (Winn's Song)Heaven on a Popsiclestick
EsmerayAyrilik Olsa BileIstanbul 70: Psych, Disco, Folk ClassicsTurkish
John CaleFear is a Man's Best FriendFearIsland
John CaleParis 1919Paris 1919Island
Lou ReedThe Last Great American WhaleNew York