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The Art of the Graphic Memoir! Out Now!

Tom Hart's The Art of the Graphic Memoir is out now!
The Art of the Graphic Memoir - is out NOW You can buy it from:
From Barnes and Noble
From IndieBound
From Powells
From Amazong

_______________________ When I finished Rosalie's book, I still had a lot of processing to do. I wanted to further understand what I had went through.

I looked at the books that had inspired me, and I asked what made them great, useful, inspiring.

I came up with a list of about 26 graphic memoirs that really moved me, gave me insight into the medium, and kept me going.

David B.'s Epileptic taught me about visual metaphor and the power of creating your own language.
Carol Tyler taught me about doggedness, and turning your life over to a project.
Alison Bechdel taught me to use my intellect.
Joe Chiappetta taught me "This is not the bomb squad. Take unnecessary risks."

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