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Designing Your Own Deck: The Omegaland Tarot

Aliza Einhorn and me in conversation: Tarot, imagery, structure and the OMEGALAND TAROT
I spend way too much time asking Aliza questions about the Tarot. I mean, I should wait just take her course but I can't wait!

As a professional storyteller for 20+ years, I have never really dived into the Tarot, which is such an amazing deep, psychological treasure. Aliza is helping me discover it with guidance and wisdom!

We had a wide-ranging talk about a the Tarot in general, and a surprise deck that showed up in the mail. Listen to our conversation here, or watch the video below with the cards visible as we speak...

I asked lots of dumb question (there are no dumb questions!) like do the suits follow a progression? She told me the 4s are about stability, and the 2s are about a choice, I asked, do the 1, 2, 3, 4 etc of the suits all have a similar structure? Listen to her answer!

We talked about violence in the Suit of Swords...About the Kings who want to be KnightsAbout the Priestess who wa…

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