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New Forest Page, 14

Working on a new page. 
I wrote this on a scrap of paper the day before:

...realizing that this is why we return to our seats, why we draw, or go back to the stage, or the dance floor, or the instrument. We are wrestling to come to terms with everything that bought us to this point.
For me it is comic strips, line drawing, forests and trees, adolescent friendships, adult worries and new friendships (and of course everything else in the universe) which have brought me to this moment... 
All this as I sit down to draw page 14 of this small memoir piece.

script from some notes, actually from the page below
super small thumbnail
loose pencil
It should be noted here I had absolutely no ideas for panel 5. nothing. All I did was scribble and doodle a little in that spot something from the text. 
This will not be a success story, but a "good enough" story...

The large scale power lines became smaller telephone lines in panel 2. 
I was trying to draw a sort of hole in panel 4, where …

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