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Storytelling Flow Week 1 - Gathering Ideas

If you've joined us in the first week of Storytelling Flow, hopefully you have been "Gathering Ideas".  We've been busy in the Google+ Group sharing ideas and images like crazy, This email has a  little look at that group. If you sign up for the full course, you'll get access to the group and the next 7 sections of the course. There's still time to do that here! Hope to see you in the full course! Tom @ SAW 
Meanwhile, here's what we're up to.  At the end of this sequence, hopefully we have a "Narrative Image." Just a single doodle or drawing from our doodling as we were gathering ideas.

Here's what it says in the course materials.

A character doodle or two, a Narrative Image, a possible
thought or two about the image.
_“I have this character here, I thought he or she might be
going on a trip across a country for ice cream.”_ Something
like that."

My example, when I developed this concretely in 2009 is attached. And then anot…

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