Another "re-make": Segar Popeye

This time I took a Segar Popeye strip tried to make it my own. Click links for larger, and to see the earlier Julie Doucet rework.
From The Seen - Reworked panels, pages and stories from predecessors.
From the Fantagraphics old series volume 8; first few months with Swee'Pea. Being a new dad I was drawn to this one, and -sob- know exactly how Popeye feels!

From The Seen - Reworked panels, pages and stories from predecessors.

Not sure who the woman is on the left. A friend of Barney's, if you can believe that.


92Y summer cartooning camp for teens

Join cartoonist Tom Hart, creator of Hutch Owens, for a two-week cartooning extravaganza! Cartooning camp at 92Y for teens Aug 9-Aug 20 M-F, 10am-3pm.


Great Students: Penina

I was Penina Gal's thesis advisor in 2007 at Center for Cartoon Studies. I must have seemed like I'd be a compassionate tutor when we met and I suggested we play ping pong rather than suffer through Leela's "figure drawing gulag" upstairs, when clearly Penina wasn't feeling well. Since then, Penina's done great work on her "The Fire Messenger", especially the post-Tom input issue 2. She's really gotten into painting lately, and has begun landscape painting between drawing projects. Her slightly Turner-like abstract landscapes go up in at The Zollikofer Gallery White River Junction, July 23.

Go Penina!


Tom Heart is watching you with his cartoons

I did a small workshop at the bookmaking camp at St. Ann's School in Brooklyn. We did character creating and then a little storytelling then a gallery walk. I found this in my mailbox a few weeks later as a thank you.


Sarah Glidden visits SVA summer seminar

Sarah Glidden gave a great talk at my and Matt Madden's Comics Seminar class at SVA. She talked about her self-instruction in comics, her dedication to a larger project, her being scooped up by Vertigo and then their SLAVE for 2 years!

Her "How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less" is going to be wonderful. A complex, journalistic investigation with full-color, handpainted artwork.


Ware, Feiffer, Barry, Groening on the demise of the weekly strip

Great run-down of a semi-recent panel featuring Chris Ware, Lynda Barry, Matt Groening, Jules Feiffer on the demise of the weekly strip.



Great Students: Nicole Virella

Nicole was my student for the SVA Pictorial Problems class a few years back. Nicole did a beautiful painted project and also begun the project at left, viewable more on her blog, http://www.nikvirella.com/

Since then, she's been working on a GN adaptation of a popular series of vampire novels, The Mortal Instruments.


Go Nicole!

New Barney Banks Page at Act-I-Vate

Barney Banks page 43!