GARO exhibit coming to NYC

This is making me nuts and breathless. An exhibit of GARO art in New York City, from April 16-June 26.

Garo, the weirdo-alternative Manga that ran in Japan from the 60s through the 90s, I think. Every time I saw an issue, mostly in Kinokuniya back in the early 90s in Seattle, it would knock my head around.

I wound up subscribing for a short period around the time it died. Every issue is full of weird ideas, weird styles, fascinating

More information at SAME HAT, here.

Presented by the Center for Book Arts.


Rango by Edgar Vasques

Posting more strips for the upcoming Hutch Owen collection. Here's an early couple, establishing the junkyard, and the low-high dynamic or the poor vs the corporations.

Sadly, I'd never seen Rango by Brazilian artist Edgar Vasques until just yesterday.

Student Mariet Guerrero and I were researching Latin American cartoonists. (I'll post a link to Mariet's blog when she gets hers up and running.)

Near as I can tell Rango is a dude who lives in the garbage or a junkyard. I can't tell if he's in these terrific strips where the can itself seems to be talking.

This strip is certainly about striated class, economics, etc. It's also fearlessly drawn- it's killing me. I'm off to read more; you can too:

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A Portuguese site about comics. Lots of Rango here.

Blog posting about Rango

Translation from Portuguese Wikipedia

Rango toy page


Barney Banks: Extra Life! on Act-I-Vate

Page 29. On ACT-I-VATE

And then I realized I didn't know what Lodi wants. And I wasn't understanding her. Wasn't giving her any reason to become friends with Barney at all. Went rollerblading. Then realized: she wants to be understood as being overworked. She wants to separate from her parents and her job. But right now she wants help with her work, understanding. Barney can offer this, should and will. He may not get it right away. But when he does he'll impress himself. She'll be grateful but not the way he thinks.

(More comments and following the thoughts and sketches in progress here: http://hutchowen.blogspot.com/search/label/projects-in-process)