Hutch Owen Strips from the collection

Two strips from the upcoming 378 page Hutch Collection. This from a series at the tail-end, The Unpajamable Snowman.

I can't remember where I first scrawled "Unpajamable Snowman" in my sketchbook, but it was probably around the same time that Leela and I kept hearing sponsorship by the Pajamagram company on NPR. It took another year (they tend to sponsor around Valentine's Day) to get me riled up again to make the idea come to life.

In these strips, the Unpajamable Snowman turns into two other forms (while running for office): the Unpajamable SnowMONSTER and the Unpajamable SUPERMONSTER. Since learning about them from my young nephew, I always liked these Pokemon ways of morphing two times into one's supreme kick ass form...

The entirety of this storyline (30 or so strips) are here.


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