Hutch Owen Collection-In-Progress: Decompressing Nora

Collecting 380 pages of strips for "LET'S GET FURIOUS", coming out within the year from Top Shelf.

In my earlier years, I rarely based characters on my friends and families, but I started to do so in the more recent years. Nora had a lot of my wife Leela in her, and some of these books come right from her late-night reading. She also is constantly pulling me over to look at puppies and bunnies on, I only really care about the baby hedgehogs.

The rest of the introductory Nora strips are here.


DerikB said…
Hutch collection! Awesome.
Unknown said…
1. I am so much hotter than Nora.

2. I do not look at puppies. Only kittens. And owls reading textbooks.

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