Daddy Lightning in-process: 2!

Finishing with the pre-new year sketches. This first sheet was one week into being a new father when I was completely bleary-eyed and overwhelmed. Doodles made barely consciously.

Above, the first idea about WANTING WAFFLES. Wanting something simple, human, comforting. This notion arrived in a stairwell where I was certain I was smelling waffles. Bleary eyed and focusing all my thoughts on the baby, I realized at that moment if I could just have a waffle, I would be happy. It became symbolic for treating myself well, for still treating myself like a human. This image later became the focus of a longer narrative arc.

Above image inspired by the writings by Joann Sfar in the back of KLEZMER. I remembered I hadn't done long form prose exploration of images in a while. This is Lynda Barry's method too. Just SEEING the image, seeing where you-as-character are, and writing what you see and do. This silly paragraph I think will be folded into the longer arc as well.


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