Rosalie Posalie Nosalie Dosalie

We visited the lovely ladies (and Russell) at Small World Daycare and Learning Center, where Rosalie spent two lovely months. She loved it there, and dear Ms. Sharyn, Ms Brea, Ms Belinda and Michelle, she loved you all. She would try to say goodbye to Michelle in the afternoons when I would pick her up, "Bye Ma-elle!" she'd say while waving.

And then as I'd carry her to my bike, "Bye Rodzy-bop! (Rosalie's park) Bye Baby-bop! Bye Sand-house!"

Then we'd bike home, past the ducks ("Mo-mo ducks") and the "big tuttle" and she'd say "oh! Big Moon" if the moon was out in the late afternoon, or if not, "Where'd the big moon go?"

They had made a poster for her with all the kids' handprints as butterflies, saying goodbye to our Bunny, "We will miss you", "Rosalie is in Heaven's hands", "Rest in Heaven" etc. I cried while I hugged them all.

I miss you, my beautiful beautiful beautiful.


Ande said…
Bless you all.
indie said…
Only met her a handful of times, but I miss her.

I'm glad her life was so full of joy and wonder.

I'm...angry? at the unfairness of how short her amazing life was.

I assure you, I will never forget her.

Sending you my love.
Tom Hart said…
Thanks everyone for leaving comments, and for reading . I miss her so much, and this particular visit was so special and so hard. Thanks, Indie, thanks Ande.
Unknown said…
I think of Rosalie all the time...she was truly an angel from God. Being her teacher , I miss her loving hugs and sweet hellos.

She is truly missed

Sharyn Coleman
Gainesville, fl
Tom Hart said…
Sharyn, thank you so much for reading. Rosalie was so happy there, at the "Baby Bop" (Baby Park). Thank you for being a kind spirit for her

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