EXERCISE 1: Your own personal timestamp

This first exercise is all writing, and it’s easy.

Write down these five items right now:

1. Write down the thing most distracting you away from this book at this moment. (lost keys, spousal troubles/ wars in the hemisphere, family drama, whatever…)
2. Write down something that generally happily obsesses you (and focuses you, rather than distracts, like above): gardening, music, the state of the environment, the history of China, color, etc.
3. Write down one thing you have a lot of information about. Knitting, train schedules, electronics, etc.
4. Write down who you would be if you were the perfect awesome version of your life. Would you be an astronaut, superhero, Dr. Manahattan? Let’s call this your “high self.”
5. Write down who you would be if everything went wrong. Would you be a bug, a lizard, a hobo, a weed? Let’s call this your “low self.”

Let the answers that pop up first be the ones that you write down. You can do the exercise again a different day and have different answers. Put these away for now. We’ll use them soon.(My answers at right.)


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