EXERCISE: Holding a character

EXERCISE - Holding your character

Sketch, or doodle a character. Like the above, attach an image or idea or two to it. Carry this sketch around with you for a few days.Like exercise xx, stuff him or her in your bag. Is that character calling out to you from your pockets? Remember that character as often as you can as you go through your day, and continue to allow other images and ideas to attach themselves to that character.

Maybe you’re reading a newspaper, remembering to hold your character, and an image appears to you suddenly. Doodle it or jot it down.

For instance:
-Benny shopping for wading boots in a tiny arctic fishing village.
You wonder: What’s he doing there? (He is looking for a magic fish used for a love potion?)

Add images, add ideas, add notes in your sketchbook. Do this for a week.

By then you’ll probably already have too many ideas. Plan to let most of them go, but some will literally work like a dream.


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