EXERCISE: Image to idea

Take your image from exercise #3.

Next to this drawing, instead of other doodles, we’ll write down at least three possible ideas that can relate to this.
-Ali’s children come in and ask to lick the inside of the pail (let’s then assume he is making date cookies)
-Another character comes in wanting Ali’s help washing his car
-Ali’s elderly father shouts from above demanding dinner

Or maybe we’ve got a few random ideas lying around:
-a parachuter lands nearby
- a swine flu outbreak
- a bowling tournement

Allow yourself to combine three of these ideas and images into a sequence. For instance, the image prior of Ali plunging his hands deeper into the pail can work with one of the above combinations, like the image of Ali plus the character who comes in wanting help washing his car. Suddenly, Ali plunges his hands deeper into the pail, to look more busy and to get out of helping in this menial task.

Ideas begin small and easy. Attention makes them as big or complex as you want them to be.


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