Guess who hasn't blogged in 18 months? Why not now? sure, why not?

What have I been up to? Building an online school, here

parenting, teaching, fretting about the world and country and state and water and planet, and working on a book about graphic memoir. To finish that book, I am working on a small autobiographical piece about FORESTS.

This blog post is a quick bit about that. 

Back to work

Trying to make this horrendous page work. I have tired of drawing myself, particularly my rat's nest hair. Also, that first, undecipherable panel is designed to be redrawn by my genius friend, Justine. I have no idea how to draw all that foliage. Or at least I'll let her teach me...

A few more inks

This page in rough pencils.

Thought I was liking the inks in panel 2...

But soon realized, after I drew panel 1, that panel 2 made no sense in context. The trees needed to come into focus in panel 3. Panel 2 needed to still be out of focus. 

Here's an attempt at that. We'll see how that goes...

Thanks for 


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