Tom Hart stuff at SPX!

I'll be at SPX 2012 with lots of new stuff, including:
  • A digital release of Hutch Owen: Let's Get Furious. Buy it for only $5.00
  • RL, the first installment in my 2011/2012 memoir. 
  • I'm in the SP17 GARO tribute anthology, with a 8 page story I think is one of my best.
  • Daddy Lightning, from Retrofit, if you don't already have it.
  • And this free newsprint poster, from Top Shelf, below: 

I'll be at the SAW table or giving workshops or on panels, etc.  

See you at SPX!


BradyDale said…
So we can't buy LET'S GET FURIOUS until SPX? That's cool. I want it, though.

Tom I gotta give you a copy of my SPX debut. There's no way I would have ever made it if not for Hutch Owens. You'll see. I think you'll dig it.

I'm at table H4. Look for DEATH. But I will probably find you.
Tom Hart said…
Thanks Brady, I'll be in and out. Come find me, thanks!
Maggie said…
I didn't know if you'd be at SPX or not! It'll be really good to see you if I can find you :)

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