Lotsa links: Milt Gross, Dingbats, Searle and more

Craig Yoe really made a splash this year at MOCCA, by presenting his recent line of great comic collections, including a fantastic new Milt Gross book, a collection of Krazy Kat "Tiger Tea" strips, some Dan Decarlo and lots more. His site got me browsing around and collecting these wonderful links.

Go read these bits and lovelies:

Wild zaniness from Milt Gross:

I never realized how gorgeous his Punch work was. I'd love to find bigger scans of these:

Tons of Pogo:

Jon Lewis and I cherished this comic when we found it years ago. Love that Kirby always felt like he was talkin' to "the kids":

Shame on me for not realizing there was a whole Blair dynasty. I'm really in love with Mary Blair's watercolors:

I was talking yesterday with Matt Madden, we were looking at the trend of simple work by young cartoonists whose major theme seems to be characters who like spending time with each other. These lovely little illustrations by an illustrator I never heard of prior to today show how to draw these themes with originality, flair and wit. Study these, young students!

And of course every time I run into the below, I'm floored:


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