Barney Banks: Extra Life! on Act-I-Vate - Chapter 6 starts. Plus lots of notes and sketches

Part 6 starts here, and I'm starting to understand Lodi, and figure out how Banks can get close to her. Sketches are below, and then a block of text that probably is more relevant to the late December postings.


after two weeks (or so) off to get various errands done, woke up early and began doodling/writing. After a look at the index cards (the ones at right felt right for this point in the story), I doodled a sheet (see scan) and came to ideas about the new section. I knew this section was about Banks and Lodi getting more friendly, but how, and what changes, and how to keep it lively, fun, engaging, deep- all that stuff?

On these sheets, I tend to start from an upper right corner? Why?! I don't know- I think I tend to think the notes I'm writing will later be minor notes and the real notes can go in the center where important notes belong. Invariably, I wind up creating a maze of ideas and events and images that I can barely follow. But it seems a good way to sow a little disarray to think in new ways about the material...

At some point I realized I would end this section again with an exclamation from a video game player. From in the latrine. I have to be careful this doesn't become a trope, but my annoyance with how often I use this idea could force the Barney Banks character to rebel even sooner than I have been thinking.

Your characters react to you. You react to all sorts of stuff, but your characters are filtered through you. They may surprise you, because you are in a different place than you think, or you a different person than you think...


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