Following New Banks Book - Page 5 and 6 inks

Ok, here are the inks for page 5 and page 6 here. The larger version will appear elsewhere soon. About to sit down and draw page 8, here's where I'm at:

Ideas are coming and going. A new idea: the whole thing is three parts: part 1 is Banks walking around. part 2 is Banks in a ditch. Part 3 is Banks as a ghost. Don't know how to pull of part 2. Obsessed with ghosts and hauntings lately.

More importantly. What the hell is going to happen? This used to have lots of characters, lots of adult characters in the plan. The only thing I'm certain of is two character on page 8 are introduced. Then what?

I really don't know. Here's some options in my notes, in my idea logs and cards:
-kids are always twittering
-there's a hippo in the stream
-burning man is coming up
-there are conversations to be had
-the girl, lodi, works in a bar or cafe at the campground or something
-and lastly: each episode, meaning scene, needs to be a certain different narrative style. What will be next?
to these I have no confirmed answers or ideas.


DerikB said…
These are some nice pages, Tom. I like how the second one is absent of any people, a nice switch into the perspective of the character.

And I'm quite enjoying following this blog.
Tom Hart said…
Thanks, Man. I'm posting more today, including a special "letter" to Matt Madden, whom I'm hoping to engage in a conversation about form and structure.

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