Following New Banks Book - Page 1 and 2 inks

Page 1 and page 2 inked here. Panel 3 went through a lot of permutations: I am the wind, I am gigantic, made of iron will and sod. None of which led well to what I know the next moment to be: Banks lifting off the ground. Panel 2 surprised me by looking nice. Panel 1: Wasn't sure if the visual ideas (sketchiness- loose approximations of background elements) was going to work, but I think I like it so far; we'll see if it holds up. I don't want to be ruined by the combination of my infatuation with Joann Sfar and my own limited drawing talents.

Have to go take out the balloon on page 1, and see if the narrative text floats well on its own like it does on this page.

As my good friend Nadia says with frequency: We shall see.


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