Following Page 8 and 9 inks

Having now inked page 8 and page 9, (page 7 will be just display text: 2 words: "IT'S OK."),so much is changing:

-maybe this will be a short piece (it was originally designed to be large- large enough to envelope as large a middle section as I wanted. In other words, a comic-strip. A set-up, an indefinite middle, an ending. But now, I'm thinking the arc will be it and it will be over. (THE STORY... more soon.)
-all the kids are in outfits- AVaTaRS?
-the giant hippo in the stream

I'm also digging up old notes, and digging them, so to speak:

-there's an old train wreck or wrecked train car around.

-an old dream where I am crawling around on my belly in a forest. it's about power. this is the most powerful way to move. I get all my food that low to the ground. This dream was powerful, I want to experience drawing it. Find a way to incorporate.
- banks' talking: I just want something to happen! I played by the rule, I expected a reward...
-banks toasting youth- they toast back making video game noises.
-”I should get drunk more often. the kids like me more when I drink”

It's time to talk STORYCLOCK. Despite appearances, I haven't been avoiding this.

BANKS: original, ordinary world: he's a loser, fast-food restaurant managing, play by the “rules” but afraid to act kind of older guy. With epilepsy. He finds himself (HE FLIES- the 1:00, the CALL TO ADVENTURE) in a campground with a bunch of kids. The new world- kids world, video games, avatars, dumb jokes. ALSO: This forest. Is it video game land? mushrooms, coins, hippos, weird machinery. But he wants LODI. She's the cute wreck of a girl who talks to him sometimes. He wants to be loved. He follows her as she follows other things... He wrecks himself trying to get near her (we're in 4, 5 o clock on the story clock.)

I figured a key moment would be Banks dressing up in a bear outfit, for their big party. He looks like a dork, everyone laughs.

Another key moment. Banks has a seizure. Now is revealed as an epileptic. The kids love this, he's a shaman, man! He tries to take advantage.

Now- the 6:00, I wrote a bunch of possibilities on a sheet:
-Lodi is his daughter?
-Banks kills a man for her?
-Police come and arrest him for we don't know what?
-Lodi is found dead?
-The boyfriend kicks his ass?
-Her parents rescue her as s runaway? ***
-She kisses him drunkenly? (Then the boyfriend kicks his ass!)?
-The beach explodes? (I don't even know what that means...)
-He gets a call from the future. Or is it the kids, torturing her?
-He finds a dead body?
-He has a dying relative at home. Is angry?
-His daughter finds him?

It's bad to not know the ending or at least have some ideas, but with a sense of structure, you can know what will lead to an ending. Right now, I don't know, but many of these could word. I know the ending I have in mind is vague, poetic, and brings back a motif. He has what seems to be a seizure. Cut the tape. But that cutting has to mean something, has to hinge on something substantial. From the list above, from unseen themes and motifs yet, etc.

Ok, back to work...


Gabriel said…
Hi Tom. I just found this blog. I love your stuff. Well, I loved what I've seen of it online, I've never actually bought anything because I live in the middle of a south american jungle (sort of). It's impressive how your work comes into existence, everything looks so vague and random. I don't know how you get such nice results. I'll read more, keep doi this, bye!

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