Following New Banks Book 4

Not much here, except really the first sketches for page 1. I knew Barney was running away from being fired in panel 1, and eating or about to eat by the end.

The important thing on this second sketch above is the list of "THINGS I KNOW", including "Banks has epilepsy", "flies is rescued by kids" , and the thing that makes me most nervous, "has many points of view." This last thing is something I'm determined to make work. Change the POV, or the timeframe, the narration, etc. I'll know more when I get there, but for now I am thinking of a formal structure that sets every other chapter to be a unique style, POV, something, with the main in between sections being more traditional. WHO KNOWS?!!!!!!

This one, starting to think about page 2. He eats the sandwich wildly, with such primal self-assurance that he feels he can do anything.


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