Following New Banks Book 2

It's imperative to locate other artists who have moved you, and to aim your own cannon into their atmosphere (or something.) To have models.

There's a note above my desk that reads "Your model for this is Orange Guy."

"Orange Guy" here is Yoshida Sensha, manga artist and weirdo. I first discovered him in the early 90s in Seattle. Mike Buckley knew his name, I could never remember it. I always called him Orange Guy cause the book I book at Kinokuniya had a great second orange color on the black and white interiors. These images of weird characters in costumes, or strange squids or squiggles in mini-dramas always pleased and befuddled me. In fact all the manga I saw at this time did. It was bolder than any American comics- they would put anything on the page. Nothing mattered except the imagination. This was deeply inspiring.

So I realized I want the weirdness and boldness "Orange Guy" gets. He's fearless, tells wacko stories. You never believe you're in the real world. In my own notes and sketches I always stay grounded, and I want lift off. Sensha lifts off. The imagination has to be the core.

So at some point I realized I need something to keep me UNgrounded. To keep me and the reader aware that this is imaginary. I always wanted to infer Barney had been fired from Arby's ("I was in restaurant management.") And also, I never had the right image for HOW BB gets to the campground where this is to all take place. Then it occurred to me: he should fly. If he flies, we are in the realm of the imaginary. It gets him to a strange place, and in a strange state. Yes, let's do that.

Below, some notes once I figured out this beginning.


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