notes and drafts and sketches for a work to come

5 boxes of of nutso

OMG I just created -without really realizing it- my 5th deck of random phrase cards in the space of about a year. I would have guessed I had 3.
(Sample cards: "We stood on the shore" (clearly stolen from a Mountain Goats song, I think I made up this deck a month ago but have little memory of it), "We believe in the panther" (also a recent addition, from a list of "what do we worship?" questions) and "an alter/an altar" from more like 6 months back, I think.) 

Below, a screengrab from Kurosawa's Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail.

I'm posting these as I'm trying so hard to "follow up" this book.
I have the mostly positive dilemma of having now proven to myself that staying with the "deeper stuff" (for lack of a better phrase) ultimately feels good and produces moving work, that now I have to figure out how to stay there when the circumstances are less acute.
And figuring out that path is difficult (for me.)
So I am trying to note the things that sadden, anger or scare me, and trying to find the right format and creative manifestation of those sensations. I'm trying to find those stories.
That's why all the crazy posts about random imagery, and cards and sketchbooks etc.
Trying to keep my head below the surface.
I'm posting MORE on my Patreon, and I'd love to share with you there...




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