Storytelling Flow Week 1 - Gathering Ideas

If you've joined us in the first week of Storytelling Flow, hopefully you have been "Gathering Ideas". 
We've been busy in the Google+ Group sharing ideas and images like crazy, This email has a  little look at that group.
If you sign up for the full course, you'll get access to the group and the next 7 sections of the course. There's still time to do that here!
Hope to see you in the full course!
Tom @ SAW 

Meanwhile, here's what we're up to.  At the end of this sequence, hopefully we have a "Narrative Image." Just a single doodle or drawing from our doodling as we were gathering ideas.

Here's what it says in the course materials.

A character doodle or two, a Narrative Image, a possible
thought or two about the image.
_“I have this character here, I thought he or she might be
going on a trip across a country for ice cream.”_ Something
like that."

My example, when I developed this concretely in 2009 is attached. And then another from 2017. Most of my Narrative images tend to be mildly passive. Holding something, in both of these cases for instance. But it will still lead us somewhere!

If you haven't already, share your Narrative Image and we will move forward with it starting Sunday!
(But always work at your own pace, no problem!)

GREAT first week, everyone (and still in progress!)




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