RL Book 2

Dear friends,

It's been a few months since posting, or writing. 

I've posted a new chapter of my book here: http://www.tomhart.net/rosalie.html .

If you feel like commenting, please feel free to do so here.

Thanks for reading


We say "I miss her" like other couples say " I love you."


Darius Smith said…
So, so beautiful. What struck me from this installment was the strength of the relationship you and your wife share (SOLIDARITY is so true and comforting). That is the real stuff right there.

I can't wait to purchase the book as a whole....
Steven Stwalley said…
Horrifically cruel world. Beautifully done, moving comic. Thanks for having the courage to share it. This sort of wound can never heal, obviously, but I hope your art brings you and yours some sort of comfort.

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