The New Year, Our Hearts Open

Dearest friends

Everyone's support and love have helped us get to this point, where we feel like the hospital doors are closing on us and we are being discharged to go heal on our own. to continue the strained metaphor, our triage was a few week's in our friend Travis and Meredith's yard, our operating room was our trip to New Mexico, and our post-op was ourtrip to Hawaii. Visits in the form of emails, FB posts, calls, cards and our own returns to Gainesville all helped us feel nurtured and ready to live again.

The new year turned, we've changed all our routines, moved to a new house, and here we are going forward. We no longer sob every day, and we recognize that we can't bring her back. Though we no longer busy ourselves with tending to her needs, we dedicate all our actions to her, and to her future brother or sister.

We keep our hearts open to spirit, to you, and to our world. Thank you, again, for all your love and support.


In the interest of a sort of spiritual transparency, to satisfy all kinds of curiosities, and also to share in the way that I have been shared with (stories and thoughts and feelings of people who have gone through similar troubling events helped me so much), I will begin posting some of my raw writings and pictures from mid-November onward, as I try to form them into some sort of final, presentable shape. Stay tuned. Have to get the internet turned on, and get the computer fixed and get the computer talking to the camera...



Just wanted to acknowledge that I read this, I understand (to a point) the loss of the promise a child carries, and I look forward to reading more.

Sending you and L and my love.

Tom Hart said…
Thanks, Indie

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