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Dearest friends,

I've been wanting to write but not sure what to write, then I realized all I've been doing the past two days is playing her lovely voice in her head. So I thought I would share some stories. In no particular order.

She never loved Richard Scarry until we brought a little story book with 3 stories in it, all staring Huckle and Lowly Worm. "Read Huckle!" she'd ask, and we'd read the story of the cat who gets in a bike accident while returning from purchasing a cuckoo clock for his mom. The bike bell is broken as a result and so is the clock. Rosalie loved to say "cuckoo! cuckoo!" and also "dring dring!" for the bike bell.

Biking. We biked constantly in the last couple months here in Gainesville. Every morning and evening to preschool at the very least, and while my bike bell was working, I'd ring it and she'd say "Dring dring!" from behind. We'd bike past the duckpond and she'd says Duck Pond! and then list Big Tuddle, Little Tuddle... and I'd usually think she wanted to stop and I'd fib a bit and say we'll stop later or tomorrow. Usually we only stopped at the duck pond every few days. We'd feed the geese and the ducks and turtles. Rosalie loved this, would get cranky if we had to stop.

Biking was heavenly. We'd bike past the supermarket chain, Publix, and she'd announce, "Rodzy Mop!  [Rosalie Milk!] Mommy Mop! Daddy Wine!" Just about every time. She loved shopping. And shopping at the locally owned supermarket, Wards was so wonderful I can't even write about it here.

We moved here partially for us, partially for her. Our friend Faruk-who as far as I know, is the only person not to know that she's gone- owns Madina Pakistani food in Brooklyn on Coney Island Avenue. The three of us loved Faruk, and dropped by often, sometimes just to talk. His restaurant was near her daycare, and a lot of times we walked in just to wave hello and be friendly. Faruk loved Rosalie and asked to hold her early in her life- no other shop keeper of any kind was so forward, and we were surprised, but glad to let him. Faruk is a good spirit. When we told him we were leaving NYC for Florida, he instantly understood and he in fact let out his secret that he hated it in New York. Too stressful, etc. And he was so glad Rosalie was going to have a more peaceful life. He was really happy for her. He gave her a samosa.

She drew in most of her books. She loved Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. We had a reverse-cover book with both on them. We'd get a few pages into Peter Pan and she'd say "Read Adice" and we'd flip to Alice, then back to "Peetu Pan." These were lovely old books. I was so glad to share them with her, even though I think Alice is a bit too long. We also read Heidi. She loved characters. Heidi, Alice, Louis by Metaphrog.

I decided to find some Looney Tunes at the library and the only one they had in stock was a set of extremely old Porky Pig cartoons. She loved these. "Eea watch Pinky Pig!" Watching her try to get syllables right was gorgeous. She got to "Eea watch Poky Poke" once, and then almost "Pinky Poke." Then she was gone.

She drew in most of her books. When we'd read the books, if she spotted her own scribbles, she'd stop it all and announce "Oh! Rodzy draw!"

Our house is full of boxes: Rodzy pillows, Rodzy toys, Rodzy blankets, Rodzy clothes. So much life she had.



sherolie said…
I like reading your stories about her.
auntviolet said…
Hugs to you. I really enjoyed reading about Rosalie. You are strong. You'll get through this.
XO Caryn Leschen

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