She's Not Into Poetry

I've put together a collection of my entire 1990s mini-comics called She's Not Into Poetry and it's available now at Lulu, here:

People have been asking for this book for 15 years. I always poo-poo-ed it. But it wasn't until I reread these recently 20 years later and with 10 years teaching experience that I realized how weird and fresh most of them are. They're funny and surprising. Read what Tom Spurgeon says:

Angry Crimnal and The Most Powerful Gate are wonderful Tom Hart mini-comics from his prolific early- to mid-1990s phase, as good a sustained output in minis for anyone not named John Porcellino.

The Angry Criminal by Tom Hart. Tom Hart is a multi-talented threat in today's alternative comics scene. As smart and engaging a person as works with comic art, Hart makes graphic novels, produces web comics, and teaches cartooning classes in New York City. In the early to mid 1990s, Tom Hart was one of the most dedicated mini-comics makers around. His minis are very simply designed, and Hart uses a vibrant art style that borders on crudity. But the stories are offbeat and funny, and anyone who reads them will be reminded of the first time you saw an independent film or heard a non-major-label rock and roll record. Hart's unique voice is in all of his mini-comics, and although my favorite is the out of print Love Looks Left, the pages of The Angry Criminal should open any doubting eyes.

Complete Contents:
--Some 2011 rambling
--Woodabe Comics
--The Angry Criminal --Love Looks Left
--Prince Fredrick's Feet
--The Most Powerful Gate
--The Ditch, The River, The Sea, The Snake
--Manana, Heike, (This is an all-prose diary about a road trip to Mexico. It fits perfectly here.)
--New Hat
--Some more 2011 rambling and lists.

I had a blast putting these together. I used as much old school technology as I could in conceiving the package, including crappy photocopiers and press-type, but mostly what I did was scan or type things out in Photoshop, flatten and then never edit except using cut-and-paste.

There's some recent ramblings too, an intro and an epilogue, including a list of my favorite art and artists then and now, and a list entitled "Everything I Knew When I Was 20 Was Right." See for yourself.

272 pages.
Pics at Flickr here.
Buy at Lulu here.

My undying thanks to Stephanie Mannheim for helping out this together.


Marc Arsenault said…
You should also look again at those 1987-1990 comics. Some gems in there. It's your destiny.

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