Great Students: Penina

I was Penina Gal's thesis advisor in 2007 at Center for Cartoon Studies. I must have seemed like I'd be a compassionate tutor when we met and I suggested we play ping pong rather than suffer through Leela's "figure drawing gulag" upstairs, when clearly Penina wasn't feeling well. Since then, Penina's done great work on her "The Fire Messenger", especially the post-Tom input issue 2. She's really gotten into painting lately, and has begun landscape painting between drawing projects. Her slightly Turner-like abstract landscapes go up in at The Zollikofer Gallery White River Junction, July 23.

Go Penina!


Penina said…
Thanks, Tom! That was some good ping pong. And without the Tom-input on chapter one, I'm sure both chapters would be much, much worse. Back to working on chapter three soon!

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