Daddy Lightning Rough Draft pages 1-5

Talking with Sarah Glidden, Karen Sneider and Domitille Collardey got me determined to catch back up with "Daddy Lightning", so posting here the first 5 pages of a super rough first draft.

My problem: I have good ideas with a good sense of storytelling, but my first and second drafts of anything are horribly drawn. See for yourself. The better pages here (1,3,4) are second drafts. Page 5 you can see the 1st draft and 2nd in progress.

See below "Daddy Lightning" for the earlier stages of the process...

Also, I stole some features of the lady on page 5, panel 2, from Nylso, who is my favorite unpublished-in-America French cartoonist. I'll show him these pages someday...


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