Following New Banks Book #4

More Ideas and Images.

Here's the last sketch so far. covering maybe something for page 10- doodling an image of him at the picnic table.

Note the "OPTIONS" regarding that on the right:
-tell big stories;
-is told about this campground;
-"yeah man, relax, you're among friends."

Banks has never been around friends, not friends he can relax around. And this will probably prove to be untrue anyway...

Other options crawling down the margin:
-sees dude in bear costume (this will be a young guy who takes to wearing bear costumes and is basically Banks' antagonist in this story I think.)
-he's getting ready for Burning Man (or something like it.)
then below that there's a bit of dialogue I'm hearing.

More importantly, at the bottom: DON'T FORGET NEW METHODS (P.O.V.) WHEN? ASAP!

The thing that worries me about my own actions here is I'll SETTLE for not exploring formal options, which was most of my impetus to start this thing. SO I MUST I WILL! CUE ARIA! I WILL DO WHAT MY HEART TELLS ME TO!


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